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Our journey started with a big culinary passion. We have extensive backgrounds within the business and also own experience from running restaurants. As we discovered how easy (and good for the shoulders) assistance from a Döner robot was, we invested in a new, smart coworker who did all the hard work and weekend shifts – the Robot.

Västerås industri AB consists of three partners and a team that includes engineers and electricians – a team required to build and develop robots, offer service and update the software. Our favourite part of it all is to meet our customers and see them happy. We are often told that the robot is worth the investment and that customers wish they have gotten the robot sooner. Our main objective is to make our customers happy, and we work hard for it. Therefore, the robot is always delivered by us in person. We install the robot and show you how to use it – and we won ́t leave until it is up and running and you are working with it comfortably. Afterwards, we’re there to help if you need us and we offer service and spare parts. With us, you will know who to call if there ́s an issue and we will solve it right away.

We take care of our customers. Please get in touch if you want more information!

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